IHRDG Seminar Series #2: Panel Discussion on Labour Politics in Post-Coup Myanmar

The second event in the Institute of Human Rights and Democratic Governance (IHRDG) 2023 seminar series will feature an exciting panel of speakers, chaired by Stephen Campbell, on labour politics in post-coup Myanmar. The three speakers are Khin Oo Thazin, Ko Maung and Shunn Lei, all of whom are Myanmar researchers and activists that have published extensively on labour rights issues in Myanmar and Myanmar migrant workers abroad.

Date: September 7th 2023
Time: 6:00PM Yangon Time

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IHRDG Seminar Series #2: Panel Discussion on Labour Politics in Post-Coup Myanmar


In analyses of Myanmar’s political dynamics since the 2021 military coup, attention to labour and class has been marginal. This is especially the case in English-language writing in the country. However, this leaves out crucial dimensions of Myanmar’s socio-political dynamics. This panel seeks to challenge this neglect by adopting a labour lens to grasp different facets of post-coup politics in Myanmar, ranging from labour politics to the everyday livelihood struggles of workers in Myanmar. The panelists will also consider Myanmar migrants abroad; social reproduction labour; workers’ self-organising; and workers’ perceptions of and engagement with the ongoing Spring Revolution. By focusing on the experiences and agency of ordinary working people, the panel challenges elitist accounts that privilege high profile political and military figures in favour of a “history from below” of present-day Myanmar.


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