One of the schools of Spring University Myanmar, the Institute of Human Rights and Democratic Governance (IHRDG), is hosting a public seminar titled “Revisiting the Polity: Making and Remaking of the Rohingya Identity in Myanmar” on August 3, 2023 at 7 PM (Myanmar time) presented by Dr. Kazi Fahmida Farzana.

Date: August 3, 2023 Time: 7 PM (Myanmar time)
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Myanmar’s national identity is intricately linked with that of its numerous ethnic communities. The state authority, in the process, has consciously denied the inclusion of various ethnic minority groups, particularly the Rohingya community and their claims to be native to northern Rakhine State. Since the coming of the military into politics, institutional inequality and violence towards this community has gradually drawn global attention and even taken the country to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on genocide charges. This talk will revisit the non-recognized Rohingya ethnic minority’s national identity. It examines the issue of identity with a particular focus on the history of the region and successive authoritarian regimes’ actions to explore how political identities are shaped and politicized. Building from the perspective of both primordialism and constructivism, this talk will argue how the state construction of “us” created an antagonistic identity of “others” and the “enemy” through continuous historical manipulation.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Kazi Fahmida Farzana is Assistant Professor of International Relations at the University of Sharjah (UOS) in the UAE. Previously she worked at University Utara Malaysia after completing her Ph.D. in South Asian Studies from the National University of Singapore. Her work has appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs,
Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies, Intellectual Discourse, South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, and as book chapters published by the Cambridge University Press, ISEAS Publishing (Singapore), and Routledge. Her first book entitled, Memories of Burmese Rohingya Refugees: Contested Identity and Belonging was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2017.


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