Established in 2009, Ottawa Dialogue is a university-based organization that brings together research and action in the field of dialogue and mediation. Guided by the needs of the parties in conflict, Ottawa Dialogue develops and carries out quiet and long-term, dialogue-driven initiatives around the world. We create forums where parties can explore difficult issues in an analytical, problem-solving way to develop new paths forward. We then work with our partners to transfer these ideas to places where they can make a difference.

As a complement to its field work, Ottawa Dialogue pursues a rich research agenda focused on conflict analysis, third party dialogue-based interventions, and best practices relating to “Track Two Diplomacy”.

The interplay between our research and insights from the field help us refine our approach to facilitation and dialogue, challenge assumptions, and generate innovative ideas.

Website : University of Ottawa – Ottawa Dialogue

Projects And Outputs

The Publication of the MIPS “Annual Peace & Security Review 2021” and Follow-up Track Two Dialogue Initiative

The 2021 Annual Peace and Security Review will continue to set the bar for a locally led, open data gathering...
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