Yangon Heritage Trust advocates for heritage protection, develops clear and sustainable policy options, promotes the proper conservation of Yangon’s rich urban heritage within a cohesive planning process, engages with government, business and civil society, communicates its ideas to the widest possible audience, undertakes specific conservation projects and facilitates research and training.

By partnering with the government and residents to maintain a sustainable and thriving urban center, Yangon Heritage Trust focuses on allowing the city to fully modernize while also conserving the urban heritage which makes it unique. Good integration of conservation and development can transform Yangon into one of the region’s most beautiful and livable cities, a social and economic asset for the nation.

Website : Yangon Heritage Trust

Projects And Outputs

Building Emerging Think Tank Capacity in Myanmar

Following an in-depth needs assessment of eight think tanks performed in December 2017, a highly customized capacity development program will...
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Think tank capacity building and policy impact (before and after 2020 election)

This project supports capacity development as an extension to K4DM’s ongoing training, mentorship, and core funding support to think tanks...
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Myanmar researchers train with international group of think tanks

March 31, 2020 Research in Action story from IDRC Lwin Mang Maung Swe, Thurein Aung, and Saw Kapru Soe (from...
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