Pandita was founded by young local activists who participated in the harsh struggle for democracy and human rights during the rules of military dictatorship. We have come together to create a space and provide support for political and civic activists to contribute towards the country’s transition from 50 years of military rule to democracy. Pandita was established in 2011; at a time when the country had just embarked on the path to democracy. With the transition in its infancy, Myanmar experienced limited freedoms and rights for its people and limited space for civil society organisations. As one of the earliest locally initiated civic organisations in Myanmar, Pandita has grasped the limited opportunity to work for the community.

Website : Pandita Development Institute

Projects And Outputs

Building Emerging Think Tank Capacity in Myanmar

Following an in-depth needs assessment of eight think tanks performed in December 2017, a highly customized capacity development program will...
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Think tank capacity building and policy impact (before and after 2020 election)

This project supports capacity development as an extension to K4DM’s ongoing training, mentorship, and core funding support to think tanks...
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