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Projects And Outputs

Winning by Process: The State and Neutralization of Ethnic Minorities in Myanmar

Friday, September 9, 2022, 3:30PM - 5:00PM Join us for the book launch of “Winning by Process: The State and...
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Decentralization and Democracy in Myanmar Podcast

This podcast delves into issues of decentralization and democracy in Myanmar, a country with the world's longest running ethnic conflicts...
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Delivery of public services in ethnic minority states: Gender equality and decentralization in Myanmar

This project will examine the factors that affect the delivery of public services (education, health, and security) in five ethnic...
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Myanmar Speaker Series: What is the road to improving health services in ethnic states?

October 21, 2020. Myanmar is undergoing a transition from military to civilian rule since 2011 and government expenditure on health...
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Myanmar research community contributes to electoral policy debates

October 13, 2020 Research in Action story from IDRC Support for policy-relevant research helps to inform electoral debate in Myanmar....
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Myanmar Speaker Series: Can Decentralization Improve Education in Myanmar ?

October 1, 2020 Following the start of the country’s various reforms in 2011, public funding for education has significantly increased,...
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Myanmar Speaker Series: What Does the Latest Peace Conference Mean for Myanmar? An Update

September 23, 2020. The Government of Myanmar and the Ethnic Armed Organizations are key parties to a formal Peace Process....
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Myanmar Speaker Series: Women and Conflict in Myanmar Can elections bring a relief? Myanmar is home to several minority ethnic groups seeking political, economic, cultural, and social recognition. In these pursuits, conflict...
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Myanmar Speaker Series: Will 2020 Elections Increase Myanmar’s Decentralization?

June 17, 2020. Dr. Alex Pelletier & Dr. Jacques Bertrand. Myanmar’s 2008 Constitution established a more decentralized structure, with partially...
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Myanmar Speaker Series: What does the Peace process mean for Myanmar Elections?

The government of Myanmar and the Ethnic Armed Organizations are key parties to a formal Peace Process. They are negotiating...
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