This scoping project examines a system-wide landscape of the social sciences research, using the “Doing Research Assessment” to understand, map and assess structural barriers and opportunities to strengthening policy relevant social research. GDN in collaboration with CESD conduct two separate assessments (2019 and 2021) collecting baseline data collection, analysis, validation and dissemination. This assessment not only serves as baseline measurements for other grantees, but also informs the program strategy and direction.

Lead Partner

Global Development Network (GDN)


Centre for Economic and Social Development (CESD)


Doing Research in Myanmar: Bridging the Research Gap to Improve Development Policies

BY TEACIRCLEOXFORDPOSTED ON JULY 27, 2020 Reproduced from original post on TeaCircleOxford Francesco Obino, Zaw Oo and Edgard Rodriguez introduce a report on...
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Doing Research in Myanmar Report

Linking science with policy is difficult in countries with top universities and well-funded research programs, but what about in developing...
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Finding levers of change

Assessing the social science research landscape of developing countries reveals key challenges to building strong and influential research systems. Researchers...
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