Talk Series#3: Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in the Federal Constitution

Speaker: May-Oo Mutraw, Advisor Karen National Union

25th May 2023 (Thursday) 
3:30 to 5:00PM MM time

Registration link for Talk 3:

Webinar will be delivered in Myanmar Language


  • Strategic approach to gender equality, both states and union, in the constitution
  • Pragmatic approach for integration of gender equality in states’ constitution
  • Importance of three main areas in constitution: protecting the rights of women, women’s political participation/representation, issues of customary law
  • Conclusion

There will be a follow up dialogue session after this talk!

Speaker Profile: May-Oo Mutraw, Advisor Karen National Union

Mutraw is a Karen born and raised in Burma, a graduate of San Francisco State University inSpeech Communications, and she graduated from Indiana University School of Law (Bloomington)with public international law focus. She was also a Snyder International Law Research Scholar at the Lauterpatch Research Center for International Law at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Mutraw was writing a dissertation titled “Designing Constitution for Post Conflict States: Burma” for her doctoral study in constitutional law and federalism at Indiana University Maurer School of Law before she returned to Burma to take part in the peace process in 2012. Mutraw has been a life-long advocate for human rights, minorities’ rights, and women’s rights. Currently, she is a senior policy advisor with the Salween Institute for Public Policy and an advisor to the Karen National Union.