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Research Skills – Introductory Skills for Social Researchers

Authors: Morgan Macdonald, Aung Zaw Myo

Research Skills is a course for adult learners. It will introduce you to the knowledge and skills required for undertaking a social research project. It is particularly suitable for post-secondary and tertiary-level students who want an introduction to basic research skills and concepts. Each chapter in Research Skills provides clear explanations, exercises to check comprehension and frequent opportunities to use the skills in practical activities.

The structure of the book follows the research process, with earlier chapters introducing key research concepts and data collections methods and later chapters introducing analysis and communicating research.

The book includes step-by-step instructions that can be used by educators to guide student research projects and self-directed research projects.

The teacher’s book not only provides answers to exercises and activities in the student’s book, it provides further background for teachers about the skills being taught, and advice about facilitating the activities in class. The teacher’s book also has optional extra activities.

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Downloads for the Teacher and Student Book in both English and Myanmar available on Mote Oo’s Life and Learning Skills Resources web page. and the links below.

The Myanmar translation was supported by the first phase of the IDRC’s Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar (K4DM) initiative.