Together with our development partners, we build on the unique assets and strengths of the rural people. We focus on learning what works for them through research, action, sharing, and enriching their knowledge. We then implement field programs that empower rural communities.

Today, IIRR continues to influence local and national agendas to mobilize political commitments, funding, and innovation necessary to alleviate poverty in rural areas.

Our Mission

To empower rural people to build resilient communities and attain socioeconomic equity through creative and community-led action.

Our Vision

IIRR envisions an equitable world in which rural people achieve their full potential, living a life of dignity and self-reliance in harmony with the environment.

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Projects and Outputs

IIRR’s Information Resources for Myanmar

Information resources related to Myanmar from IIRR (International Institute of Rural Reconstruction) BROCHURES Barbon, W. J., Myae, C., Su, M....
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