The Centre for Law and Democracy believes in a world in which robust respect for all human rights underpins strong participatory democracy at all levels of governance – local, national, regional and international – leading to social justice and equality.

The Centre for Law and Democracy works to promote, protect and develop those human rights which serve as the foundation for or underpin democracy, including the rights to freedom of expression, to vote and participate in governance, to access information and to freedom of assembly and association.

Goals and Strategies
We will seek to achieve our mission through:

  • Undertaking research and educational outreach to advance the understanding of civil society and the wider public globally about those human rights which serve as a foundation for or underpin democracy.
  • Using research and technical assistance to help governments and officials around the world to uphold international and constitutional standards regarding human rights which underpin democracy.
  • Building the understanding of inter-governmental organisations and non-governmental organisations regarding human rights which underpin democracy, so that they can better realise their goals.
  • Conducting research and policy work to contribute to ensuring the continuous relevance and development of human rights which underpin democracy.

Website : Centre for Law and Democracy

Projects and Outputs

Digital social research and training in a safe cyber environment for Myanmar 

Two Canadian organizations will support emerging researchers from ethnic Myanmar communities to strengthen their capacity for research and advocacy using...
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Myanmar: Mapping Democratic Framework for Free Expression

CLD has today released an Outline of the key elements that should be contained in any democratic legal framework which governs freedom of expression. The goal is to provide guidance to civil society and other interested stakeholders in Myanmar on how to create a framework which is consistent with international standards.
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