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Projects And Outputs

Building parliamentary research capacity: The case of Shan state’s sub-national parliament in Myanmar

This project will contribute to strengthening parliamentary research capacity in the Shan state, one of the largest and most diverse...
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Myanmar Speaker Series: How to support sub-national parliaments effectively? 2020 Elections

November 5, 2020. Ms. Myat The Thitsar, Mr. Ivo Balinov & Mr. Thomas (Tom) Cormier. Decentralization as mandated by the...
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Myanmar Speaker Series: How to equip sub national parliaments for evidence based policy making ?

October 7, 2020. Decentralization as mandated by the 2008 Constitution re-introduced state/region governments and legislatures across Myanmar. This represents a...
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How to equip sub-national parliaments for evidence-based policy making?

EVENT DATE: 6th October 2020 Both the Parliamentary Centre (Canada) and a national think tank, Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF) have chosen to focus to...
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Myanmar’s largest state parliament develops better research skills

November 1, 2018 Research in Action article from IDRC Parliamentary Centre Training with members and staff of the Shan State...
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Shan State parliamentarians strengthen their research skills

December 18, 2017 Research in Action article from IDRC In Shan State — one of Myanmar’s 21 states, regions, and...
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