A nonprofit organization with the vision of promotion the right to information and education – an imperative to get each and every citizen engaged in Myanmar’s transition towards the future where peaces prevails and democracy prospers. Open Myanmar Initiative /OMI/, founded in 2013, is a broadly open non-political NGO conceived as think tank and research centre as well as education and training centre with a strong growth potential departing from the ideals of the Burmese democratic movement such as the 88 Generation students, other ex-political prisoners associations. OMI is the first ever independent political think-tank in Myanmar and they are trying to play an important role to formulate policy studies and recommendations on various political issues and provide them to policy makers, political parties, civil society organizations and general population through various delivery systems, including publishing, using social media networks, providing trainings and public talks, organizing seminars and conferences, as well as direct engagement with Members of Parliament and the Government Ministers.

Projects And Outputs

Building Emerging Think Tank Capacity in Myanmar

Following an in-depth needs assessment of eight think tanks performed in December 2017, a highly customized capacity development program will...
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Shan State parliamentarians strengthen their research skills

December 18, 2017 Research in Action article from IDRC In Shan State — one of Myanmar’s 21 states, regions, and...
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