Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF) is an independent non-profit research institution working for development of evidence based policy making and revitalization of independent research culture in Myanmar.

EMReF is an accredited non-profit research organization dedicated to doing studies in the fields of livelihoods, governance, political economy, social  relations, politics and rule of law and justice with the purpose of providing information and evidence-based policy recommendations for different stakeholders such as international  organizations, civil society organizations, political parties, media, private sector, parliament and government agencies which are working on equitable and inclusive socioeconomic development and promoting democratic governance in Myanmar.

EMReF has been extending its role in promoting political awareness and participations of citizens and civil society organizations in policy making through providing reliable and trust worthy information on political partiesand elections, parliamentary performance, and development policy issues. As a current foundation step, EMReF has been developing an information mechanism which includes three main functions-collecting information, analyzing and distributions to the public through different methods such as website, social media and other electronic instant communication means such as text messages and applications. Meanwhile, EMReF has been using other conventional measures such as providing social research trainings to the youths, local CSOs, political parties and elected MPs in order to promote practices of collecting reliable evidences and using these evidences in developing and evaluating policies.

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Projects and Outputs

Building Emerging Think Tank Capacity in Myanmar

Following an in-depth needs assessment of eight think tanks performed in December 2017, a highly customized capacity development program will...
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Building parliamentary research capacity: The case of Shan state’s sub-national parliament in Myanmar

This project will contribute to strengthening parliamentary research capacity in the Shan state, one of the largest and most diverse...
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Engendering Women’s Political Recruitment and Participation in Myanmar

In the spirit of advancing women’s participation in politics in Myanmar EMReF seeks to generate evidence on political parties' recruitment...
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Inclusive Myanmar December 2020

မြန်မာဘာသာဖြင့်ဖတ်ရှုလိုပါက၊ ဤနေရာတွင်နှိပ်ပါ။To read this newsletter in Myanmar language, please click here.Pour lire ce bulletin en français, veuillez cliquer ici. Inclusive...
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Myanmar Speaker Series: How to support sub-national parliaments effectively? 2020 Elections

November 5, 2020. Ms. Myat The Thitsar, Mr. Ivo Balinov & Mr. Thomas (Tom) Cormier. Decentralization as mandated by the...
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Myanmar Speaker Series: Bottom-up decision making? The Importance of Women as Local Leaders

November 3, 2020. In Myanmar, despite limited moves towards decentralisation over the last decade, formal legal, policy-making and budgetary powers...
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Myanmar research community contributes to electoral policy debates

October 13, 2020 Research in Action story from IDRC Support for policy-relevant research helps to inform electoral debate in Myanmar....
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Myanmar Speaker Series: How to equip sub national parliaments for evidence based policy making ?

October 7, 2020. Decentralization as mandated by the 2008 Constitution re-introduced state/region governments and legislatures across Myanmar. This represents a...
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How to equip sub-national parliaments for evidence-based policy making?

EVENT DATE: 6th October 2020 Both the Parliamentary Centre (Canada) and a national think tank, Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF) have chosen to focus to...
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Gender and Political Participation in Myanmar

Enlightened Myanmar Research Foundation (EMReF), October 2020 Full report below Introduction This synthesis report presents key findings from a three-year...
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