This project focuses on capacity development for individuals in subnational governments and civil society. Myanmar is experiencing a transition every bit as profound as Vietnam’s 1990s transition from central planning to the market. The Vietnamese experience offers many lessons that can help Myanmar to revamp its public finance system. Under this project, the Fulbright School of Public Policy and Myanmar’s Renaissance Institute, founded in 2016 as a policy institute by the newly democratic government, are joining forces to contribute to the understanding and improvement of Myanmar’s public finance system at the sub-national level. Over the period of the project, the workshops aim to reach about 75-90 individual participants who will be mentored by faculty from the Fulbright School and who will produce 12-15 supervised policy briefs. At the same time, the Fulbright School will support researchers at the Renaissance Institute to develop one to two short-term policy research projects on public finance to be used by the new Myanmar think tank in their training and policy dialogue with sub-national governments.

Lead Partner

Fulbright University Vietnam Corporation


Renaissance Institute


Defending Democracy? International Donor Spending in Myanmar

“Defending Democracy? International Donor Spending in Myanmar” is a briefing on international donor spending produced by the Myanmar Centre for...
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