February 13, 2020

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May Sabe Phyu has won an N-Peace Award from the United Nations Development Program. Founded in 2010, N-Peace awards recognize women from Afghanistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka who shine a spotlight on gender-related issues.

May Sabe Phyu
May Sabe Phyu

As director of the Gender Equality Network, which aims to facilitate transformation toward gender equality and justice in Myanmar, May Sabe Phyu is a strong advocate for women in her country. Myanmar currently ranks 114 out of 153 countries in the Global Gender Gap Index, which calculates the gap between men and women in health, education, the economy, and politics.

May Sabe Phyu’s N-Peace Award in the Untold Stories category honours her role in conflict resolution, prevention, and peacebuilding in her community. She was recognized for her “multi-sectoral approach to build on the gains of women in Myanmar” and her efforts “to address laws, policies, as well as cultural and social norms that impede the achievement of full gender equality.”

She leads two research projects supported by the Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar initiative, funded by IDRC and Global Affairs Canada. The first project aims to develop a better understanding of the barriers that limit women’s participation in governance, as well as the opportunities and possible entry points at different moments in a woman’s life. The second project designs and delivers training to strengthen gender analysis capacities among researchers and public sector leaders.

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